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Awards & Recognition

Diamond Envelope Corporation is proud to recognize our hard-working employees by presenting awards. We are honored in turn by the recognition we have received over the years.


The Safety Award is presented annually to an employee who knows the safety procedures and exhibits them in every aspect of their job, their concern and awareness for safety are unmatched. The 2021 recipient of this award is

The Tom Wolverton Award is presented annually to an employee who displays outstanding 

performance in their newly obtained position or with their newly obtained responsibilities. The 2021 recipient of this award is . 

The Office Employee of the Year Award is presented annually to an office employee who goes above and beyond their responsibilities by being a team-player in all aspects of their work. The 2021 recipient of this award is . 

Victoria Linares



Diamond Envelope Corporation was recognized by the Envelope Manufacturing Association as an Industry Safety Leader in the years 2013 and 2018. 

In 2010, AJ Jania was presented with the Postal Partner Certification from the EMA for demonstrating a high level of competence and understanding of the basic requirements established by the USPS. 

In 2003, Diamond Envelope Corporation was recognized by the Annual Awards for Business Excellence. 

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