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Diamond Envelope Corporation thrives on the connection between each of our departments. We are a company that gives our clients everything they deserve, from an outstanding customer service department to an efficient production department. This company relies on effective communication between all of its employees, no matter what department they work in. 

Our Leadership Team 

Shannon Ryson

Vice President of Sales

shannon selfy.png

Shannon joined Diamond Envelope in May 2022, coming to us from years in print manufacturing sales and sales management. She is driven to foster lasting partnerships with internal and external clients.

Ryan Vahl

Process Improvement Manager

Ryan 3.jpg

Ryan has been a hard working employee at Diamond Envelope for more than 10 years. He has been vital to improving our enhanced flexo print option. Ryan is dedicated to making our products the best that they can be. 

Ed Colon

Senior Advisor to CEO

Ed C 4.jpg

Ed has been employed with Diamond Envelope since June 24th, 1985. He has devoted most of his life to the success of Diamond Envelope and is a big part of the reason the company is where it is today. He has led Diamond's success in manufacturing over 1 billion envelopes a year. 

Aracely Aguilera

Sr. Director of Human Resources

Kim started working at Diamond Envelope in December of 2013 in our Customer Service Department. She quickly moved into our Human Resources Department in September of 2014. We are so grateful for all of the hard work she does, like passing her PHR exam in 2015 and leading our Safety Program. 

Brenda Bryan

Accounting & Finance Director

Brenda 3.jpg

Brenda has been with Diamond Envelope for 11 years handling our financial statements, sales reports, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and pricing negotiations. These are just a few items that showcase her love of numbers. 

Sandy has been with Diamond Envelope for over 20 years. She has been a member of our Leadership Team since 2005 and is very knowledgeable in the company operations. She appreciates her team and the teamwork atmosphere of Diamond Envelope. 

Director of Client Services

Sandy Vahl
Sandy 7.jpg
Michael Orlando.jpeg
Michael Orlando

Operations Manager

I'm “Michael joined our team in July 2021. He is new to manufacturing but has excelled in his position while building on existing business partnerships and looking for dedicated partners for the future.

Jorge Fallad

Second Shift Supervisor & Cutting Supervisor

Jorge 4.jpg

Jorge has been a dedicated employee with Diamond Envelope since 1984. He started out as a cutting operator, but he quickly moved up to Cutting Supervisor, then eventually became our Second Shift Supervisor. Through these many years, Jorge continues to work hard.  

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